At last night’s all candidates meeting in Hagersville, Lisa Taylor opened by clamouring long and loud that she is a team player, although she offered no evidence to back up her claim, nor was I aware that any existed.

Ken Hewitt made the same claim, but in his case there was plenty of evidence. Mr. Hewitt’s well-oiled team of big developers, builders, and select senior staff have brought us traffic congestion and school overcrowding in Caledonia, the loss of a second ice pad and the bloated farmers market budget in Dunnville, sewer overloading in Jarvis with Ministry of Environment involvement, eight years of complete inaction on a truck bypass for Hagersville, and the attempt to clear Cayuga’s historic Court House Grounds of our public buildings so they could be sold to a developer. Indeed, Mr. Hewitt’s credentials as a team player are beyond question.

Later in the evening, Ken Hewitt announced that if he could not vote for himself as mayor, he would vote for Lisa Taylor. Lisa Taylor then announced that she would vote for Ken Hewitt.

Here, finally, was some evidence that Ms. Taylor may really be a team player. Maybe she is a member of the team Mr. Hewitt has put together to keep himself and the big developers in power.

However, when we see politicians working so smoothly together, we might do well to ask ourselves this question: who are they working for? For the people? Or for themselves?

David McClung, Cayuga