On July 19, Clare Balch wrote that, “In the near past there have been many negative Facebook posts and letters in the paper” and suggested that this “complaining” is negative and would turn prospective businesses away.  Mr. Balch asked, “Would you listen to a complainer or an encourager?”

When a councillor criticizes people who are unhappy with his announcement that a location for a major county project has been changed to a different location with no prior notice to citizens or opportunity for citizens’ input, it is whining and negative criticism on the part of that councillor.

When citizens are critical of their councillor and council for not being transparent and properly seeking public input on such an action, it is holding our government responsible with positive constructive criticism.  Such positive constructive criticism has been ongoing now for well over a year. 

Positive constructive criticism is aimed at improving our county which would only make it more enticing to people considering moving here or investing here or setting up a business here.

Bonnie Stephens, Cayuga