Randy Desnoyers,”the squeaky wheel” 

I have been to a couple of meetings in our community, and the one on April 7th in Cayuga should bring together a lot of our neighbours to discuss how we really all feel about our elected officials’ decisions in the past term.

I want to wander for a bit, editorially I mean. What surprises me about our community is the diversity and the country atmosphere. We have some of the greatest waterways and natural beauty to offer people.

For most of Hamilton and out to Toronto, their only option it seems is to hit the 400 and drag themselves out on a 4 to 8 hr drive to see what? Exactly what we have here. Am I mistaken on this? Why isn’t council pursuing tourism. I have never seen a commercial.. ohh wait! there was that Ken Hewitt one on wind turbines.. yeah that was great for tourism….lol

There has been so much negative press around Caledonia I know people who actually won’t drive here from Toronto because they think hostilities are still occurring.

I think as part of this vibrancy fund we could have embarked on a media campaign of  education to get the word out there, maybe a commercial spanning our wilderness showing the bald eagles…and the cranes, not to mention the deer and all sorts of wildlife habitat… and move on to the marinas, the food, the people. We are not all angry people… just when you mention the current council do tempers start to flare.

Maybe even an article in the paper every week highlighting different businesses in the area, from your local dinner place to the spot you sit on that takes your breath away at sunset

I love my home and this county. Bringing tourists up here does have its drawbacks but the positive impact on commerce and employment is a good thing. Perhaps with the next council we’ll see a move to get the word out that not only are we open for business but, considering the drive up north, this is your better solution.