The Ryerse Jazz Singers is a local ladies vocal chorus. This group of fourteen meet weekly  and have been together close to two years. It consists of business women in the Norfolk area as well as retirees. Their love of singing has now reached the level of public performance.

Forming a jazz chorus was the long time dream of local musician, Gayle Hare of Port Dover formerly of Cayuga, who is the director and piano accompanist. They have recently included a bassist and a drummer. 

Their next performance is on Sunday, June 23, 7:00 at Selkirk Baptist  Church along with the Haldimand Choralairs.  If you miss that one, you can hear them at the South Coast Jazz Festival on August 17 in Port Dover.

Here are the names from L to R:

Pat Levac, Lynn Post, Linda Miedema, Penny Nunn, Gayle Hare, Heidi Bowman,Leah Roloson, Luanne Ashe, Barb Groen, Linda Millard, Susan LaBone, Diane Cowan , Maureen Moore and Pam Taylor

Missing are bassist Justin Kubiak and drummer Rolly Cassidy.