by Chris Pickup

Buried in the acres of print on the Beattie Estates development, is that the Caledonia arterial road proposed to loop around the development infringes on several private properties. It also clips seven acres off a farmer’s agricultural lands.

“Should land purchase not be achievable, the county could initiate the process of expropriation of land which would provide compensation for landowners at fair market value and secure lands for a stated public good i.e  transportation system improvements.

“Another option would be for the developer of Beattie Estates to redesign the south end of the project to incorporate the entire arterial corridor… however that is viewed as the least desirous option ….  It would result in the loss of valuable development land within the urban boundary.”

Council voted during the recent budget talks to add Caledonia arterial road engineering, environmental assessment, land acquisition, and archaeology with a gross expenditure of $2.4 million to the 2019 budget. In addition construction of the road at a gross expenditure of $5.9 million is scheduled for 2021.

This Beattie Estates- associated project has been hotly debated over the last couple of weeks with residents wondering who would use the road since it sends users northwards, then eastwards before sending them south where they would initially want to go.

Many residents have argued the road should be north of the Beattie Estates rather than to the south.

Look forward to more fireworks on this one.