It’s easy to see it is election time in Haldimand County.

In a newspaper ad, Councillor Shirton promised an “indoor pool for Dunnville”.

At the Caledonia debate, Councillor Grice twice mentioned a pool for Caledonia was feasible.

In an ad in the Haldimand Press Councillor Morison in Ward 2 stated “we will build…an indoor pool”.

This indoor pool question has come up many times at past elections and times in between.  Each time Haldimand’s large geographic area and limited tax base has made a pool unaffordable.

Now instead of one pool, we are getting three.   Apparently each pool costs between fifteen and twenty million.   So much for Mayor Hewitt’s much touted stable AA credit rating.

After being fed such nonsense, how can anyone believe anything these people say.  Please vote October 22nd.

John E. Walker, Cayuga