By Randy Desnoyers, “The Squeaky Wheel”, Nanticoke 

I love that this forum “” is here for all of us.

Many who live here feel that the two papers just don’t actually serve the community, or that they print their views. The one owned now by the Spectator, we really don’t know how that will spin our local news and the other,  for years there has been talk that one of the council persons have ownership in that paper so will it really print the issue be it good or bad for the council.

I guess will have to see for ourselves, but in the meantime “FREE SPEECH IS RIGHT HERE!!”

To the point. I have read many of the stories on this blog, and what really surprises me is that many feel either the County elected officials aren’t listening or they’re blind to the issues… HELLOOOO!!

Sorry to say folks, but we are a creator of our own political bone heads. The fact is most have been on council for years, settled into their groove. They don’t work for us, we pay their wages so in fact we work for them. Literally! Although I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be this way.

Whatever happened to the good old days of them running and promises to make changes, to work hard for our community…. think tumble weeds and blowing dust at this point… and silence… because that’s all the action you will see from them. Change is a good thing… change forces people to work towards keeping their jobs, change is what we need to get us back on track!!

So this year, consider when you’re picking your favourite person, remember how this council treated the local tax payer and consider it’s time for a change… a complete sweep, then perhaps we won’t be so upset with dealing with the dust of change