By Chris Pickup

Canada Post is bribing its workers with $1,000 apiece if they put down their picket signs for a “cooling off” period while contract talks continue until January 31. What’s with that?

The crown corporation said this would  enable the heavy volumes of backed-up and ongoing mail to be delivered during the Christmas period. The offer stands until 5 pm today.

The problem is, this is the 22nd work stoppage in 51 years, an average of one every 2.3 years. How long are we going to continue to let this bullheaded union and its equally bullheaded corporation shaft us all?

Why should we give striking workers a bonus to temporarily go back to work while they continue sucking money out of us all?  CUPW is not making any real effort to end the rotating strikes. They wouldn’t even put the last offer before their workers. 

They are destroying business for retail merchants, small businesses and their employees, and seriously inconveniencing the public, while the Trudeau government twiddles its thumbs instead of legislating them all back to work.

It’s time to allow private businesses equal competition to Canada Post, or do without Canada Post altogether. Private couriers deliver good service but are currently banned from full competition … that should change. 

There are no real penalties for these public unions who play with people’s lives. Damned if we should have any more cash sucked out of us just so we can look at another power play 2.3 years down the road.