By Grant Church

Hi Bernie,

The politically appointed Museum Board was sold the line that the courthouse grounds would be developed with condominiums, and council was told the museum and log cabin was land locked. The condo plan was shelved and the land lock issue was disproven.

The public presentations and submission all called for leaving the museum and log cabin where they are. Even the Museum Board Chair called for leaving the log cabin where it was until shot down by Craig Manley. So the whole thing was a sham.

In polling of 317, 93% want the museum left where they are. 81% wanted the Library in the Village Green. Not to mention that the 2013 staff report and the 2013 Cayuga Streetscape report showed the library going in the Village Green with a recommendation from staff to do so.

There was public consultation for the centralized administration building as you mentioned, but there was nothing for the Cayuga Library. Everything about it was hidden from us until this past January.

From a meeting John Lupson I had with Hugh Hanly, we gained answers to these three questions.

1) Has staff obtained a traffic analysis on both the Village Green and Cayuga Hotel Site? Answer: No

2) Has a risk assessment been done on both sites? Answer: No

3) Has a cost benefit study been done on both sites? Answer: No

I was nearly hit by a truck while crossing the Hwy. 3 at the Cayuga Street light. With the right of way, I was about halfway across the the intersection when a pickup truck made a left turn off Cayuga St. towards the bridge. It was close. An older person might not have made it.

The fire truck I video taped at the intersection ran a red light at full speed, and between Cayuga St. and Ouse St. it was doing about 79 km/h with all other vehicles having to pull to the curb and stop while the fire truck passes. Cop cars go way faster. So fast that I’ve been unable to make a video of them.

Contrast this all with how well the Dunnville Library is placed.



By David McClung 

Dear Councillor Corbett :

Here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts.

1) Re : Centralization – Your staff organized two kinds of meetings to gather input into the administration centralization project: evening meetings held in the dead of winter for the general public, and daytime meetings for hand-picked participants that included an all-day sales job and a free lunch.  Then the results were lumped together as if they were of equal weight.  Did no red flag go up in your mind?

And if the public meetings were so well publicized, then why were they so poorly attended, when clearly the public is very interested in this project and its costs?  A public opinion survey conducted last year showed that a large majority of citizens do not wish to be informed of important matters through newspaper ads and the County website because they don’t look at them.

Think carefully: when you say that the meetings were “well publicized,” is it possible that you are just parroting something your staff told you—the same staff that is failing you and the people of Cayuga in so many other ways, too?

2) Re: Library/Museum – These issues were indeed much debated, but only after the decisions had already been made, and only on the basis of erroneous information (museum land-locked, Market Square not patented).  Therefore, there was never any possibility that the debate could lead to a better plan.

You say that the Highway 3 location was accepted and approved by staff and the Library Board, but only as second-best solution, after they had erroneously concluded or been made to believe that their first choice—the Market Square—was no longer available.  And what does it even matter what the Library Board and staff think when 81% of the people are against it?

3) Re: Traffic on Highway 3 – Please check the date on the statistics that you reviewed.  Do they date from before or after the completion (if you can call it that) of the Cayuga streetscaping project and the new, no-weight-limit Grand River bridge?  There will be a world of difference, and to pretend otherwise is to be wilfully blind.

4) Re: Mr. Boyle’s observation that more Cayugans live south of Highway 3 than north of it – This is simply irrelevant because the vast majority of Cayugans from both sides of the highway (north 82%, south 79%) want the library on the Market Square.

Pleasant things like libraries belong in pleasant places like the Market Square, and no amount of spin from Mr. Boyle and the rest of your Sunshine Listers can convince sensible people otherwise.  If you want any credit at all for representing the citizens, then you are going to have to stop turning your nose up at their point of view.

Speaking of which, there is a process for revisiting these issues in this term of office.  When are you going to help set it in motion?