(Haldimand County photo)

Haldimand County hosted a plaque presentation ceremony Friday to mark the completion of upgrades at Edinburgh Square Heritage & Cultural Centre.

Built in 1857, the historic building was formerly the Caledonia Town Hall and Lock-Up.

Local MPP Toby Barrett and OTF Grant Review Team member Catherine Stidsen were on site to present Deputy Mayor Rob Shirton and County staff with a plaque.

“This investment by the Ontario Trillium Foundation is great news for many in our community,” said Toby Barrett, MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk.

“The improvements made as a result of the OTF grant – including HVAC upgrades, improved lighting and washroom enhancements – were necessary to ensure this monumental edifice is preserved and enjoyed for years to come,” he continued.

Lighting in the museum is extremely important and the installation of energy efficient LEDs will not expose archival material, artifacts or delicate objects to harmful UV rays which can easily degrade light sensitive items.

Similarly, HVAC system upgrades were required to maintain proper environmental conditions necessary to preserve artifacts and archival material. In addition to these upgrades, asbestos abatement work was completed to alleviate the risk of the aging product becoming friable and posing potential health risks.

The total cost for all improvements at the Centre rang in at $91,080.25, 50% of which will be covered by the OTF grant.

“The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cannot be underestimated,” said deputy mayor Rob Shirton. “This grant has allowed us to expedite these much- needed improvements, and we are very grateful for the funding received.