by Chris Pickup

Plans are under way to develop an urban business park in Cayuga on the north side of Hwy 3 between Haldimand Motors and Monture Street.

Tuesday’s Council in Committee voted unanimously Tuesday to re-designate the whole parcel of land from Community Commercial to Light Industrial Urban Business Park with some commercial uses.

The property is approximately 14.2 acres and includes the two parcels owned by Cayuga

Displays. The intent is to sever the whole into three separate parcels. It will be up for ratification at Council Monday night.

Staff noted the application is consistent with all levels of provincial policy, and is an appropriate use of underutilized  land, meeting density target requirements. She forecast the development proposal would meet or surpass the county’s minimum requirements for jobs per hectare.

The catalyst for the application was to facilitate a tire distribution business on the westerly portion of the lands.

Councillor Craig Grice wondered what would happen 20 years from now when the current owner may no longer own the property and a new owner could want to put a factory in there.

Craig Manley noted the County would still have some control through the Official Plan

A site specific policy applies.

Part 1 is limited to a stormwater management pond and associated intrastructure which will drain the whole parcel. The HN Health Unit noted such ponds can make for ideal mosquito breeding sites and gave pointers on how to introduce natural mosquito predators, and plantings. They may order larviciding if problems occur to prevent the transmission of viruses such as West Nile.

The following uses are permitted on parts 2, 3 and 4

Offices, including ancillary retail and service uses and internally integrated restaurants.

Institutional uses including government services, research and training facilities including ancillary retail and service uses

Prestige industrial uses including enclosed warehousing, limited product distribution services, research and development facilities, communications facilities, and manufacturing and processing operations deemed not to be obnoxious by reason of dust, odour, fumes, particulate matter, excessive water use/effluent discharge, noise and/or excessive vibrations.

Retail commercial uses including automobile sales, rental and service establishment, other retail commercial uses that require the outdoor display and/or storage of goods and industrial. Merchandise sales and services for the nearby office/industrial uses.

Small scale retail uses requiring less than 3,160 sq.m of gross floor area. Plaza format retail/commercial uses and free standing restaurants are specifically prohibited.

Sports, health and fitness recreational uses including ancillary retail and services uses and restaurants internally integrated as a component of the health/recreational building

Private sector commercial or trade schools

Community facilities including public parks and open space linkages, day nurseries and places of worship

Public or private sector utilities and storm water management and transportation facilities.

All permitted uses will be carried out entirely within wholly enclosed buildings. The exception to this policy includes automobile sales and rental establishments and permitted uses that include the outdoor display of goods, which shall be subject to adequate landscaping.

The following uses are prohibited: A printing and publishing establishment, dry cleaning, pharmacy, any processing or manufacturing plants with a high volume requirement of municipal water (such as dairy, bakery, food processing, etc) and outdoor storage.

The whole site is subject to measures to restrict interference with surrounding areas including buffering, landscaping and lighting.

An open house was held in January, attended by eight people, that apparently only garnered some “minor questions” such as the number of vehicles coming on site.

If approved, construction will begin later this year.