Milder and calmer conditions Monday afternoon allowed the search to resume for a nine year old boy lost in Lake Erie off Peacock Point.
The OPP Underwater Search and Recovery Unit continued efforts today, and the OPP helicopter is in the area conducting an aerial search.
Two boys were on the ice edge on February 15 when a wave swept them into the lake. An 8- year-old boy was rescued by passers-by flagged down by a 10 year old girl, but the 9-year-old did not resurface.
Haldimand OPP and various search and recovery units have been searching for ten days, although rough water, high winds and dangerous ice conditions have been hampering the search. The Underwater Unit could not enter the water on some days.
When conditions allowed, divers entered the water and shoreline searches were conducted. The OPP is also using its helicopter for searches.
OPP Underwater Search and Recovery Unit have been using sonar scan to search several areas of the lake.
Conditions are constantly being monitored and assessed to determine next steps in the recovery operation, OPP says.