Coming soon to a T-intersection near you is a stop sign instead of a yield.

There are 34 T-intersections in Haldimand that still have yield signs and county staff has recommended they be changed to stop signs in the interests of consistency with other signage in Haldimand, and less ambiguity in who has right-of-way.

There are 17 in Caledonia, three in Cayuga, two in Hagersville, five in Jarvis and seven in rural areas. Several are on very short cul-de-sacs.

This does not apply to merge intersections such as Haldimand Road 9 merging onto River Road and Haldimand Road 17 merging onto Highway 3 north of Dunnville.

Recommended for change are:

CALEDONIA: Balmoral Court/Ayr; Burns Place/Heddle; Cayuga/King William; Dumfries/McKenzie Cres; Glenmor/MacCrae; Leith Court/Morrison; McColl Place/Glenmor; MacGregor Place/Fraser; McNab Place/Heddle; Munro Court/Ross; Park Lane/Inverness; Pauline Ave/Selkirk; Peebles/Forfar West; Seneca/King William; Thorburn Place/Heddle; Wallace Place/Heddle.

CAYUGA: Echo East/Monture North; Johnson/Echo East; King George/Maple

HAGERSVILLE: Quarry/Porter; Wardell Cres/Hewitt Drive north leg

JARVIS: Cabot Court/Marley; Champlain Court/Marley; Lions Court/John; Michael Court/Lafayette; Reynolds Court/John

RURAL: N. Cayuga -Conc. 1 rd south/Hald-Dunn Townline; Conc 2 rd south/Hald-Dunn Townline; S. Cayuga Hald-Dunn Townline/River Rd.; York – King Avenue/John St; S. Cayuga Mount Olivet/Richert; Sutor Rd/River Rd; Rainham – Reicheld/Lakeshore rd.