I just read your March 1 article on the Market Square patent issue.  I get the impression that you thought the book was mislabelled back in the 19th century.  That is not the case.  It was the microfilm roll the book was recorded on a couple of decades ago that was mislabelled.

This is an important distinction because it illustrates one of the many ways in which information is lost when it is converted from one format to another—in this case from paper books to microfilm rolls.

And this unintentional, yet inevitable loss of data is one of the strongest arguments for maintaining our museum as is, since any conversion of paper archives and real artifacts to digital files will inevitably lead to some loss of data, data that will then be irretrievable, no matter how important it turns out to be in the long run—such as the Market Square patent.

And the saddest thing is that Haldimand County now with its museum—just like the Ministry of the Attorney-General a couple of decades ago with the Land Registry Office—wants to spend more money in order to irretrievably lose some of its data.  The best and cheapest way to preserve our heritage is to leave the County museum as it is.

David McClung