Is it a warehouse with windows so people can see the goods? Is it a car showroom? Maybe it’s a ski chalet. Or a golf course clubroom. How about a monkey house at the zoo?

No, none of the above. It’s an architect’s rendering of our new Cayuga Library and ‘Heritage Centre’ (why not stick with the Museum designation … is it not upscale enough?)

Yep, our cookie cutter architects have struck again, after the administration building fiasco.  Same slanted roof pointing skyward. Same canopied entrance. Same overall warehouse look. Who at the county keeps hiring this architect anyway? They were good for the new firehall and EMS buildings, but can’t seem to break out and produce something classier. Or maybe it’s what our ‘design experts’ at the county demanded.

Anyway, as with the CAB, this design simply clashes with Cayuga’s heritage buildings. Picture this on downtown Talbot Street among the older brick and stone buildings. It just doesn’t fit fellas.

Now for the proposed floor plan. This is drawn up in such a way that Talbot St (hwy 3) is at the top of the page, so you have to turn it upside down to align it with the rendering, and then  read the wording upside down.

It appears the museum room is graced with a large window facing out onto Talbot Street into the horrendous noise and pollution that plagues it.  What this implies for the proper temperature and humidity controls over the artifacts, and possibly damaging light, might prove costly.

The genealogy room is clear across the building instead of being close by for the convenience of museum visitors.

Then there are the book stacks. For a library there appears to be precious little space to display what they are named for. In fact overall, the floor plan shows all the signs of having been thrown up into the air and where they land is where they stay.

What a botch-up of a $4 million-plus prpject.