by  Randy Desnoyers

“A Nanticoke resident enjoying my view.”

I was reading the March 15th paper and saw an article about the dust from the smoke stacks and Mr Bartlett standing on the pre-election pedestal complaining of the ground-shaking smoke ash that fell upon the Cheapside area. Yep it’s clearly election time a-coming!!

I have been involved in environmental issues before, like the Pelham STOP group who fought successfully to remove a paper waste berm from farm land. One of the things we didn’t do was talk about false information or, funny as the media would call it, smoke and mirrors. In this case clearly we are speaking of smoke in many ways.

Mr Bartlett is in fact my councillor. We call him the “no return call Bartlett”, and if he does it takes weeks and most of the time will tell you he can do nothing about it. This is my opinion and experience with him, but to me he is the elected that sit there till election time comes and then he jumps on every new story possible because he wants another term pay cheque.

I live across from the stacks. My driveway and roadside was populated with every amateur photographer and want-to-be bird or in this case stack watcher; the roadside afterwards had tire tracks from people without a care for people’s property.

Where was Mr Bartlett then? In fact the OPP had to show up and clear people from private driveways; great use of police resources I might say! And after the falling of the stacks… ummm little to no dust and I’m just down the road from Cheapside, as in 2 min.

So the issue at hand: as you heard the stacks were cleaned, the air was also monitored, the flue coal dust long since cleaned out, and to be honest if I had to put up with a little dust it’s better to have seen them come down, stacks that for years dumped pollutants on local residents in the area.

The day they went down was the best thing for our area, and our residents. Where was Mr Bartlett during these times? Is there an article anywhere that shows him fighting to get rid of those stacks? Although I think he was in favour of a nuclear conversion? Maybe? Maybe not? I know at one time council was pursuing that wonderful option, the smart intelligent people they are.

Considering the long term impact of the coal station to continue, it was not a great issue for us residents. Having wind turbines scattered throughout the area wasn’t great either but I tell you this, my sunsets are a lot better looking without the haze that came with those chimneys, and if I have to put up with the turbines obstructing the view of our great county so be it … at least I can breath fresh air in doing so.

So to Mr Bartlett, if you’re going to rant about something instead of actually doing something perhaps you should pick a topic that you actually understand and investigate before you jump on the media pedestal… ohhh wait, it’s election year!

In closing I want to say to our county residents, it is election year, don’t be swayed by stories like this that will be quickly coming, look over the terms of the elected officials, you will find a lot of them don’t deserve their jobs and some do, it’s your chance to vote to make a change, so get out and vote. Let this be the year that records are set for attendance for voting. Let these politicians know their jobs aren’t set in stone.

I am a believer that politicians and county employees work for us, not the other way around.  Should they lie or cheat the public there should be consequences. What a rare concept, imagine a world where they actually had to face justice for their actions. When this happens I will feel we actually have the best election system in the world; until this happens, well we have the Trumps and Wynnes of the wild wild west