By Chris Pickup

It sticks in my craw that Haldimand CAO Don Boyle suggested giving a bonus to contractors falling down on the job to get them moving along a little faster.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume a tender submitted and accepted becomes a legally enforceable contract between the two parties. If one party is in breach of that contract, should not a penalty be involved? Maybe the contractor would move along a bit more smartly if a monetary penalty awaited at the end of the contract.

Or did the County, as I suspect might be the case, somehow fail to properly negotiate the terms of the contract insofar as the time frame is concerned? Mayor Hewitt did reference perhaps using an end date instead of a beginning date in future contracts.  

In that case, if the county failed to establish a proper time frame, the penalty falls on the taxpayer, you and me, who have to pick up the tab in terms of inconvenience and possible injury from unfinished sidewalks.

This is unacceptable. If the County itself is falling down on the job, who is it that should pay? Who oversaw the contracts? Will they be penalized for their errors? Is the County simply taking on too much work, rushing projects through so they can build themselves a legacy? 

These are questions that all need answering. But don’t hold your breath … you’ll choke first.

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