by Chris Pickup

Haldimand Council watchers are wondering why the subject of the Cayuga Market Square conversion of property to land titles is back under wraps at the county.

The county had outed the whole subject when it released previously closed meeting information on the Market Square, including a lawyer’s letter, to pronounce that the Patent didn’t exist. Title searcher Penny Plunkett knew it did, enlisted someone to find it, then sought to address a council meeting on the subject of registering it with the Province.

She was denied that public opportunity, but invited instead to present privately to mayor Ken Hewitt and the lawyer (which has become their wont of late), which she did. Her presentation has since been out in the public domain through this website and Facebook.

The subject was raised at yesterday’s council in committee meeting, but again in closed session.

Given all the public information, what on earth can council be hiding? The fact is the Market Square and the location of the new Cayuga library are inextricably linked, so we are left speculating what new machinations the County is up to.

It’s indubitable the majority of the village residents want their library in its historic spot, across from the post office where residents get their mail daily. And there are widespread rumours and speculation about the later choice of the Cayuga hotel site that cannot yet be proven because of the mantle the County has thrown over the whole subject.

Craig Grice made a sarcastic remark yesterday about how some people think “downtown Cayuga is a death trap”.  Rob Shirton agreed, “Right on”.

Well, no, we don’t believe it is a death trap at the moment. You could shoot a cannon down Talbot Street and not hit a pedestrian because people avoid it unless they’re in a vehicle. But put a library/museum complex down there, and you’re inviting pedestrians, including children, to be there.

We suspect the county has got itself into a maze of problems it’s struggling to get out of, and trying to keep a lid on. One day, probably sooner rather than later, it’s all going to blow.