Starting today you can tote home an alcoholic drink along with your take-out, as long as the establishment holds a liquor licence. If you order from a restaurant, delivery is allowable between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. seven days a week, by the restaurant or a third party.

Nothing fancy though, as the booze must come in a sealed container such as a bottle or can, and must come with food. The liquor licence holder will still be required to ensure the person ordering is of age and is not intoxicated.

A 30-day grace period will be allotted to the delivery drivers in order for them to acquire their Smart Serve certificate

The Ford government initiative will also allow the sale of alcohol in retail outlets as early as 7 a.m, to allow seniors who are taking advantage of special shopping hours set aside for them at many grocery stores to be able to add beer or wine to their food cart.

According to the provincial government this is a temporary measure that will expire along with the duration of self-isolation.