By Chris Pickup

How outrageous is it that councillor Fred Morison is calling a meeting by invitation only, hand delivered to selected individuals, to clarify “rumours“ circulating in Haldimand county.

Oh, and they should be ‘open minded’.

Morison has refused for four years now to open his own mind  to his constituents on the many questions they have been asking about the library, the museum and log cabin, the decision to sell courthouse grounds to developers, the Cayuga rail trail, CAB and many other issues, including the failure to save South Cayuga’s community hall.

This open minded councillor has stubbornly hung onto his viewpoints and to hell with what his constituents want. He even went to so far as to castigate the woman who sussed out his museum plan and posted it on Facebook, accusing her of “misleading information “ and “stirring up the community” and much worse.

This open minded councillor had to be forced into holding public meetings into the museum issue where some 150-200 people told him to leave it where it is instead of stuffing parts of its contents into the new library, and the other parts into as many as nine other points across the county. All ignored.

This is the man whose last minute meeting with the museum advisory board is closed information according to the county clerk. At least one person we know of resigned because of the apparent tone of the meeting.

This is the man who had an “Oh gosh” moment in his ‘re-imagining’ of downtown Cayuga and persuaded council to place the new library on the Cayuga Hotel site where it would ‘kickstart the downtown economy’  (and, by the way, proper site selection, safety issues, traffic studies and public input need not apply.)

This is the man who excruciatingly stumbled for words as he fumbled for an explanation on why the village green was not now an appropriate site for the library, e.g. not enough green space, blur on title (both explanations disproved).

This is the man who is facing an ethics complaint on the possibility of ‘insider information’ being used for his property dealings and associated placement of the library (all documented).

This is the man who has repeatedly voted on issues he had possible  conflict of interest on without declaring the fact.

You want us to be “open minded”? Open the damn meeting to the general public so we can all share in your explanations for the “rumours”. I for one would love to hear why questions go unanswered, public input is denied and councillors are insisting that transparency is their policy.

The meeting in question is at Fisherville community hall, Monday, 7 pm. Morison might want to have a few ‘bouncers’ on hand.