by Chris Pickup

Two OPSEU representatives appeared at council in committee last Tuesday and asked to show a video.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but settled for bemused entertainment as ‘The Zombie Explosion’ boomed away. The hand drawn zombie character sort of lurched around in the middle while all kinds of dire warnings swirled around him.

It was never quite clear exactly what the zombie represented … whether he was the victim or the perpetrator of that wicked, wicked Profit (gasp) word.

Basically, of course, the whole thing was on the theme of OPSEU good, privatization Bad Bad Bad. But frankly, the whole production proved privatization is good, at least when it comes to making videos.

As the video lurched to a halt there was a brief view of gobsmacked council faces before they settled back into professional mode.

And I have to give credit (for once) to CAO Don Boyle as he managed to keep a straight face, while explaining to the two representatives that the county tries to keep most things in house; however sometimes outside expertise is necessary, as in the case of the Lake Erie algae bloom where they used an international company.

He also noted that contracting out garbage collection saved county taxpayers a lot of money.