Dear Editor,


 In 2005, I met with a Ministry of Energy official to present my findings on emissions controls for the coal-fired power plants. He was impressed, saying he agreed with me completely, but the government was elected on a mandate to close them.
Haldimand Council was elected on a mandate to place the new Cayuga library in the Village Green, a quiet low traffic area of town ideal for children.
In late 2015, Council breached their mandate, voting to place the new library in a high risk area on Hwy. 3, throwing our children and the elderly under the bus.
Many reasons came forth for the move, including one councillor saying he couldn’t say why they did it.
On January 24,  CAO Don Boyle in answer to a question by Councillor Shirton about why can’t we locate the library on the Village Green said the land was unpatented. The county’s lawyer said the property had never been patented.
Yet a professional title searcher had no problem finding the Crown Patent, the legal document transferring the property from the Crown to the Village of Cayuga on Nov. 18, 1861. It was forwarded to council with no response as of yet.
Nor did the Council have a mandate to destroy the county museum and move the well-placed log cabin that sits next to it.
Both of these multi-million dollar breaches in mandate forfeit the right of council to govern. They should scrap these plans immediately out of respect for the citizens who elected them.
Grant Church