To all Haldimand councillors

I am very concerned about the way the Cayuga Library and Heritage Centre project is working out.

Aside from the budget issues, the fact that the vast majority of the local public support neither the Talbot Street location for the library nor the changes to the museum and log cabin, and the problem of the architectural design for the new library being inappropriate for the context in which it will be built, there is also the issue of the public’s trust in the ability of the County team to get the project built right even if given the go-ahead.

To the best of my knowledge, the public has never been offered any explanation of how the painfully evident errors in the execution of the Cayuga Streetscaping project came about, or how, when, or even if, the County plans to correct them.

The public is concerned not only about the County team’s capacity to develop capital projects that reflect the popular will, but also about the County team’s capacity to bring properly to fruition even its own sometimes unpopular visions for capital projects.

If you wish to regain the public’s trust before embarking on yet more major capital projects, I think you should consider making some sort of statement about the problems with the Cayuga Streetscaping project and how they will be corrected.

David McClung, Cayuga