It is a sad day for Cayuga and Haldimand County, when a handful of elected councillors and the mayor make up their minds that they are going to ignore the wishes of the people and blindly go ahead with an agenda to change the face of our town.

After countless meetings held throughout the last years where people took time off their busy days to come and voice their opposition to this project, it would appear that we were all wasting our time.

I don’t think council has the right to ignore the wishes of the people in a project of such importance, with a budget that seems to have no limits.

We all know that number will skyrocket over the next few years and those constituents who tried to give council fair warning will have to pay through increased taxes. Where is the justice on that count?

By all accounts, the present buildings are not falling down and by most opinions are quite adequate with a few modifications and upgrades enough to make them last a good many years. Cayuga is a residential town, which has been shaped over the past many years to reflect the needs and the style of those of us who live here. The new administration building being proposed does not match the rest of the town and quite frankly looks hideous.

Furthermore, if you were to ask the constituents, they would not agree with the statement “every decision we make as if it were our own money”.

I don’t think any elected officials should feel proud of taking it upon themselves to change the face of this unique town called Cayuga. It’s hard to find anyone who supports this big project.

Why could the present council not leave a healthy financial situation for future projects that need to be considered, without having to increase our taxes, which for most of us, are too high already?

Charles Gillyatt