Haldimand County Ward 2 Councillor Fred Morison has demonstrated once again that he is mathematically challenged.

At the January 16 meeting of the Community Services Committee of Haldimand County Council, county staff reported that the project for the new Cayuga Library and Heritage Centre is now seriously over budget, and sought council’s permission to increase the budget while reducing the size of the facility.

Asked what impact the budget increase would have on the tax levy, General Manager of Corporate Services Karen General explained that financing the increase would cost $210,000 in interest charges, which would result in in a 0.3% increase to the tax levy across the county, or 77 cents per month per household on average.  Using this information, Councillor Morison concluded that the increase would be only $7 per year, or less than the price of two large coffees at Tim Horton’s.  He then stated that for $7 per year, it wasn’t even worth having a discussion.

Does Councillor Morison have any clue that 77 cents per month amounts to $9.24 per year, not $7?  And does he not know that two large cups of coffee at Tim Horton’s cost $3.95 not over $7?

Thank goodness 2018 is an election year.  Eight years of this level of mathematical ability on Haldimand County council is more than enough.

Vicky McClung, Cayuga