John E. Walker’s opinion piece Haldimand Wake-up Call posted on January 13 is important reading.
I am amazed at how many Cayuga residents are still unaware of the scale of the changes Haldimand County council is about to make to their town.
However, I don’t totally agree with Mr. Walker’s conclusion : that the councillors who are imposing these changes on a largely unwilling town should be voted out next October 22.  In my opinion, every concerned citizen should be contacting the councillors right now, voicing their disapproval of these plans, and demanding that they be revised immediately to take into account public safety and the will of the people.
After all, every member of the current council has seen evidence of strong public opposition to these plans. Every member of the current Council has seen evidence that the staff who are making the plans seriously botched their last project in Cayuga : the multi-million dollar streetscaping project that has resulted in buckling sidewalks, traffic lights knocked over by trucks, and windshields smashed by badly placed banner arms. Yet every member of the current Council has voted repeatedly to proceed full steam ahead with these plans as they stand.
Telephone numbers for the mayor and councillors are listed on the county website :
It’s now or never.
David McClung