Dunnville councillors voted to destroy the county museum in Cayuga and place the new Cayuga Library on Highway 3–a heavy truck route that can see total traffic volumes of one every five seconds. The same council voted to rebuild the Dunnville Library, keeping it in a quiet low traffic area.

In Cayuga, council did an excellent job of locating the new fire/EMS station at Hwy 3 and Thorburn, facilitating a more rapid response to emergencies.

The Cayuga Library and County Museum changes are vastly unpopular, with 93% against the museum destruction plan and 81% against the new library location. That was a poll of 317 Cayuga and surrounding area residents. Even with an error margin of +/- 5%, it’s still overwhelming. The recent Forum Research Poll for the whole province had 801 respondents.

Comments from the mayor and council were things like there’s a silent majority or the results were doctored. Sheer arrogance!

The new Cayuga rail bridge trail is a fiasco, a play thing of the rich and mighty.

Is it a Dunnville governance issue or is there something wrong with the whole county?

Grant Church