Morning Clifford: You might as well talk to a brick wall.

I am so appalled as to what is going on.  Mr. Morison called two South Cayuga meetings for the residents of South Cayuga to provide him and Council as to some insight as to what the residents of this area, which is a highly affected area for wind turbines, might want to do with their vibrancy monies that was due to our area.  Nothing came out of these two meetings.  We did provide many ideas and concerns to Mr. Morison.  Of course these were on deaf ears.

Not only has Morison used our monies on this rail trail, which he is in total conflict of interest on, but now the balance of our monies due to our area are going to the Cayuga library.  Last time I looked, Cayuga doesn’t have any wind turbines.

Very underhanded to say the least.  And what have we gotten out of this messy wind turbine issue, a bunch of pot holed and washboard roads which the county refuses to repair.  We could have used our vibrancy money in other well used areas.

$1,400,000.00 could have gone to a new community centre for South Cayuga.

The County put the highest retrofit price tag on the South Cayuga hall making it literally impossible for the hall to remain in our hands.  Now same is up for sale by the County.

Yep……………..  the County is spending our tax payer dollars like a “drunken sailor”.

I can hardly wait until the next municipal election as it will be a lot of residents of Haldimand County’s mission to ensure that some of these current councilors that we have will not be there next time around.

A very concerned taxpayer.

Ella Thorne – Smith