Open letter to Mayor Hewitt and Members of Council,


Millions of dollars can be saved by scrapping this museum/log cabin/library situation in Cayuga. Demolish the Cayuga Hotel and put the property on the market. Leave the County Museum and Log Cabin where they are and build a scaled down library in the Village Green. Maybe a 4,000-5,000 square foot library. This is what the people want.


Democracy is not just about elections. It’s about working with the people.


$4.1 million is an exorbitant price to pay. You claim that the new county administration building is supposed to save money by consolidating everything under one roof, but with this library museum destruction plan it destroys a full service museum for a non-museum in a library, costing a fortune.


The all- in cost of this project is $627/sq. foot, which is insane.


It’s time to put an end to this plan and do what the people want and save millions of dollars.


A 4,500 sq. foot library in the Village Green would cost about $2 million.




Grant Church