I am requesting that Haldimand County install traffic lights and cross walks at the intersection of Thorburn St. S. and Talbot St. (Hwy 3) in Cayuga.

It is a nightmare trying to turn left onto Talbot St. (Hwy 3) or walk across to Foodland or CIBC without getting hit or killed.

With the new survey going in on Thorburn and all the extra traffic and pedestrians, it will only get worse. I have witnessed many times pedestrians trying to cross or people on scooters and the traffic just flies by.

The number of vehicles using Thorburn to turn left onto Talbot (Hwy 3) or going straight across can sit there for three minutes or more to turn or cross.

Please help me make this become real and sign the petition. There is also an online petition you could sign.

Carol Stockton