Re:  Council isn’t spending like drunken sailors, November 23, 2017

Mayor Hewitt states that, “This building is yours, it represents us and serves us.  I am confident that when we open the doors to this new building, you will agree with me . . . .”

Ahoy!  our arrogant Mayor.  The bill will certainly be sent to us, that is the citizens, but the “us” our Mayor says the building represents and serves can only be the County staff and members of Council since the citizens have never had any say at all in the design process.

Council should be giving citizens a chance to participate in the building design and in financial decisions regarding the new county administration building instead of rushing ahead on their own and telling us we will like it when they open the doors of the finished project for us to see how they have decided to spend our money.

Council needs to hold county-wide open houses to present full details of the project to citizens with staff on hand to answer questions and to receive suggestions for serious consideration and incorporation into the project.  The entire proceedings should be recorded and made easily available for all citizens to review.

Bonnie Stephens

A Taxpaying Landlubber