by John E. Walker

A wake-up call for the citizens of Cayuga and Haldimand.  Your mayor and councillors have voted and passed resolutions that will change forever the Cayuga you know and care about.  These decisions were made by council against the will of a majority of the citizens of Cayuga.

Once the new thirty million dollar centralized admin building squeezed into the arena parking lot is occupied,  you will see the results of council’s other decisions.  Developers and county staff will no longer waste time, money and gas driving all over the county.  Instead, ordinary citizens seeking services will waste time, money and gas driving all over the county to Cayuga.  Large developers, however will save time and profit.

In the near future, you will be shocked to see a huge backhoe smashing down our familiar admin building on the Court House Grounds:  at a cost of $500,000.

You will be further shaken to see a bulldozer demolishing the Haldimand Museum and Archives Building on the same grounds:  total cost of $1,000,000 for demolition and alternate locations.

You will probably see the destruction of the 1835 log cabin in a botched attempt to move it off the Court House Grounds:  cost over $75,000 and an irreplaceable heritage..

Once the buildings are removed you might observe the native Haudenosaunee  Men of Fire blockading the Court House Grounds in an attempt to reclaim this land.  Their stated intent would be to sell or lease out the grounds.

You will see the present library building and abandoned fire hall on the Village Green (Market Square) demolished.  A new library is to be built at the corner of Hwy 3 and Cayuga Street on the busiest, noisiest, fumiest and most dangerous intersection in Cayuga.

You will see a $75,000 architect’s plan to change all the parks in Cayuga including Baigent Park, Village Green, Court House Grounds and downtown parkette to meet council and staff’s visions.

You will ask “How the devil can this be happening?”  Well, these plans are the result of Haldimand County Council’s failure to effectively seek and act on citizens’ concerns and suggestions i.e. citizens’ input during the planning stages not after the plans are finalized and presented to the public as an accomplished fact.

Concerned citizens have been stating their concerns before council and in various media trying to wake Haldimand County up to this reality with little effect.

This New Year will bring a municipal election.  If you do not approve of the direction this council is taking for the future of our home in Cayuga and Haldimand, you know what to do.