by John Walker

Hugh Hanly, Haldimand’s General Manager Community Services, recently said of the new library in Cayuga,  “The display space for the museum was the same” as in the existing HCMA.

Also that the 800 and 600 sq. ft. of space authorized by council for the museum contents was “budgetary”.  And that “The museum and genealogy space will be at least the same as the current configuration.”

Everyone in Haldimand County should resent the insult to their intelligence by Hanly’s specious malarkey.

How you can, under any circumstances, compare a 4,000 sq.ft. full service Museum & Archives Building with a measly 622 and 550 sq. ft., and a washroom mixed in with a library, beggars the imagination.

But Hanly is not the only one spreading this utter nonsense to the public.   The council-appointed Library Board  has stated  that in the new facility there will be “ museum exhibit spaces identical to those at the current museum site” and “give the museum more space to showcase Cayuga’s important past.”  Not Haldimand’s past as at present and by the way, this so called “Heritage Centre” is not a museum recognized by the Province.  They have indicated cutting off funding.

The present, council-appointed museum curator has the Haldimand County Museum and Archives set up with a vast area of empty space designed for meetings, teas, weddings, etc.  A very small percentage of museum space is used for artifact display.  The current council-appointed Museum Board has failed to curtail this situation and have Haldimand history and artifacts displayed as they deserve.

As for archives and genealogy, the county has kicked the Haldimand Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society and their records out of the museum along with the long-serving, dedicated, knowledgeable  volunteers who served the public so well.  You will not see them in the Heritage Centre.

I am astonished to learn that council decisions passed are merely “budgetary” and only a guideline for staff and contractors to do as they please.

We would welcome a new dedicated 6,000 sq.ft. library situated on the Village Green (Market Square) in downtown Cayuga, near the Post Office and shops on Cayuga Street.  Forget the “Heritage Centre” addition which will result in the irrevocable dispersion and destruction of the present Haldimand County Museum.

This council with its “chuckle-chuckle, nudge-nudge” form of governing (just watch a council meeting!) has given free rein to a multitude of grandiose, exorbitant, out-of-control, wasteful projects/demolitions that taxpayers will be burdened with for many years.

We encourage you to contact your councillor and express your understandable outrage.