By Bob Allen

Chris Pickup has started the ball rolling on a review of the new Dunnville Farmers’ Market within Dunnville Waterfront Park. 

The CAO’s Office is to blame on many fronts and for not giving the Public and Council the choice of keeping Hydro St and adjacent business overflow parking. 

The County’s collective lack of Economic Development and Tourism skills, common sense, and training is now being proven. 

Re-electing Dunnville’s incumbent could be a threat to Dunnville because he attempted to blame the people rather than the County Management for not listening to the needs of Waterfront Park users.

 Imagine, the loss of Hydro Street and replacing valued business parking with a field of bad looking grass. These problems were well documented before the shovel broke ground. 

Therefore, we need to know what Bernie’s Waterfront Park solutions are moving forward, before allowing him to hurt future Dunnville projects. 

Fortunately, the County did listen and got rid of the market solarium roof, support posts along the centre of the building, and the foyer in front of the public washrooms.

Unfortunately, with the same CAO’s Office and existing County Management and Governance problems, it will be very hard for any new elected Council to overcome inherent Haldimand County problems.

Notice the curbs and trip hazard steps blocking access to the doors on the Bridge St. side of the new Farmers’ Market, photo above.

Bob Allen is a resident of Dunnville