A Stoney Creek man is facing multiple charges after he drove onto Port Dover beach late Saturday morning, scattering beachgoers trying to avoid being hit.

Charged is 43-year old Yourem Mako with dangerous driving, impaired driving, driving with more than 80mgs of alcohol in blood and fail to comply with probation order.

The driver of a blue coloured van drove on to the beach area and then reversed onto the roadway. The driver then drove his vehicle over a sidewalk and re-entered the beach area striking a tent and several chairs that were located in the sand.

A family with small children had to take evasive action in order to avoid being struck by the vehicle.

Several Good Samaritans approached and removed the driver from the vehicle and held him until Norfolk OPP arrived. Officers were able to take the driver into custody without incident.

An onlooker took video while the incident was happening and posted it online. The original has since been ‘cleaned up’, presumably by Facebook.  Watch it below.