By Chris Pickup

Council in committee, as expected, approved the naming of the Cayuga rail trail and its two outlooks, the Caledonia to York trail and a walking track in Fisherville, at Tuesday’s meeting. names had been submitted from the public, two of which were co-opted for the Cayuga trail outlooks and honour justices David Marshall and Helen Kinnear.

However, the Haldimand County trails advisory committee completely ignored public suggestions for the Cayuga trail, and the Caledonia to York trail, and in fact recommended its own two suggestions. The Cayuga trail is to be now known as Cayuga Grand Vista, and the Caledonia to York as the Gypsum Mine Tract.

One other asset, the Fisherville walking track, was named in honour of Tracey Hoskin-Hartwick, who passed away in 2017 while running along the side of the road. The community came together to honour her and provide a safe and welcoming area for runners and walkers of all abilities, at the Fisherville Lions Park. 

The Tracey Hoskin-Hartwick Memorial Track will be a permanent reminder of her passion for sports and wellness.

There were some written submissions deploring the short amount of time allowed to the public to respond to the suggested names, and one wondering why the public was not provided with the whole list of names submitted and allowed the time to review them and vote on which one they would like.

On the subject of the Tracey Hoskin-Hartwick Memorial trail, it received universal approval from all responders, including Hagersville Lions.

However the latter, who had applied last year to have their town’s splash pad named Lions Memorial Splash Pad to memorialize not only Lions members but also members of the community, had been virtually immediately rejected.

“It seems to me that there are different criteria and standards followed, which I find extremely disappointing,” Wilrik Banda wrote. He’s not alone in his opinion.

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