The weather system that moved into southern Ontario over the weekend has brought above average temperatures and moderate rainfall to the Grand River watershed.  As of noon Monday, approximately 10mm of rain has fallen in portions of the watershed. Runoff from the rain and snowmelt is expected to increase river levels. River flows are expected to stay above normal over the next few days before temperatures return below freezing later in the week.

Ice jams remain in place along the Grand River at Cayuga, Brantford and Cambridge (Blair and Preston).  Water levels in these locations have been receding through the week as river flows continue to erode the ice jams.  Some shifting of ice due to this weather event can be expected, which may again increase water levels in these areas.

Temperatures are expected to return below freezing by Tuesday evening which will reduce additional runoff into the river.

The public is reminded to exercise extreme caution and stay off all water bodies. Ice cover, where it still exists, is unsafe.

Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time and, when combined with cold, fast-moving water, pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from all watercourses and off frozen water bodies.

Updated flood messages will be issued as conditions develop.